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The inverter 
Touch screen 
PLCThe programmable controller 
Click to view:Open the inverter details
Open the inverter
Click to view:MD320Series inverter for detailed information
MD320Series inverter
Click to view:ITSeries of man-machine interface in detail information
ITSeries of man-machine interface
Click to view:H2U-XPSeries programmable controller for detailed information
H2U-XPSeries programmable
Click to view:H1U-XPSeries programmable controller for detailed information
H1U-XPSeries programmable
Click to view:H0U-XPSeries programmable controller for detailed information
H0U-XPSeries programmable
Click to view:Details of extension module series programmable controller
Extension module series can edit control
Click to view:IS500The details of the series servo drives
IS500Series servo drive
 Simple and easy operation、The function is all ready(Graphic、Bar code、Characters、Defects)
Simple operation and complete functions (graphic, bar code, character, defect)
 Unified inspection standard,Eliminate the individual differences of artificial detection
Unified detection standard to eliminate individual differences in manual detection
 Improve the detection speed,Comprehensive real-time on-line inspection of product
Improve the detection speed and realize the omni directional real-time online inspection of products.
 Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises,Bring considerable economic benefits for the enterprise
Improve the competitiveness of enterprises and bring considerable economic benefits to enterprises.
 Company profile
  My company is inovance technology(300124)The full series product level agents ;
  Shenzhen sifang electric complete series product level agents。
  Our company is engaged in industrial automation control products sales,The system design,Technical service system integrator。
  The main products are:Inovance all series products,The inverter(MDSeries)The programmable controllerPLC、Servo drives、Servo motor、Touch screenHMI、Industrial vision、Permanent magnet synchronous motor、The electric car controller、High voltage frequency converter、Integration and special plane。The quartet all series inverter products。
  Products in detail、Product technical data and typical case please log in the website。...[Described in detail]
 Common problems+Click for details
Application of inverter in the references to helicopters
The inverter idle time is too long may cause damage?
The inverter which parts?
What is the function of inverter dc reactor?
What's the difference between the inverter voltage type and current type?
Why the inverter voltage and frequency is proportional to the change?
 News+Click for details
What is the function of inverter dc reactor?
Is there a limit when installed inverter installation direction
How to choose the type of the inverter
What are the inverter interference way and how to deal with in general?
The inverter idle time is too long may cause damage?
The inverter control motor leakage causes and solutions of problem
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